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         Lianyungang Hongyang Wood Industry Co. Ltd is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise founded by Good Wealth Asia Pacific Limited, a Hongkong corporation, in Fangshan Town, the “Home of Populus Euramericana” of Lianyungang.The corporation has not only a beautiful environment, but also convenient transportation facilities: it connects the Longhai Railway and Lian-Xu Highway in the north, neighboring Lianyungang Airport with No. 245 Provincial Highway running nearby. Our corporation was founded and put into production in August 1998. It has an area of 10 ha and a building area of 40,000m2 and the gross investment is USD 20 million. The corporation has an annual production capacity over 40,000 m3 of various plank stuff and all its high grade cottonwood products such as sandwich plates, segmental type doorframes and staircases are exported to many countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. Famous in international wood industry for high quality and excellent after-sales services, our corporation has already won the unanimous recognition of customers from the United States, Europe and Japan. All our machines are imported from the United States, Japan, Germany or Taiwan and advanced manufacturing techniques are introduced from the United States. In 2009, the corporation has passed CARB certification. Meanwhile, we have product advancement, innovation and development driven by a managerial personnel with 30 years of experience in wood industry. Aiming at growing into a large industrial group and building a highland in wood industry, our corporation keeps on carving out innovatively all the time. Now, the corporation has become a leading wood manufacturer with 2000 employees and an output value over RMB 300 million, a profit and tax payment over RMB 10 million and a foreign exchange income over USD 40 million earned through export.

Address:DaNing Road,FangShan Town,DongHai County,LianYunGang,JiangSu,China



          87562468(Door) 87563377



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